We TOP competitors with our standard service.

We don’t charge for “extras.”

Why We’re Different

Today, some companies in the insurance industry seem to have bought into the idea that better service is driven by technology and technology alone. Make no mistake: technology has indeed been a game-changer by giving people more access to more good information that can help them make better decisions. That’s why we’ve kept pace as technology has advanced in our industry. But does that mean you can still provide excellent service if you take the personal touch out of the equation?

From our perspective at Collens-Wagner, the answer is a resounding “No.” We’re different because we believe that we can deliver better results for our customers by combining the power of technology and information with a relationship-driven approach. That means going the “extra” mile where others won’t, helping you manage your personal and business insurance needs on an ongoing basis.

At Collens-Wagner, we provide personal, progressive service that can’t be topped. We’re committed to building plans that fit your current lifestyle and finding sweet ways to save whenever possible.

Our extras include:

  • getting to know you and creating personalized policies
  • protecting your wallet with annual reviews and rate checks
  • taking claims 24/7, because we know “stuff” happens at all hours
  • offering 24/7 online access to your account
  • making insurance easy to understand

No appointment? No problem! Walk-ins welcome.

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